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Merchants / Stores Information

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Since DFF's main purpose is to help affiliate websites integrate price comparison shopping, you must understand the basic concept and component of a price comparison shopping site.
Every price comparison shopping site involves comparing price for a specific product versus a list of merchants (stores). There are many instances where you must create a link to display products for specific merchant. Shop by Store is also a popular shopping feature which require a good understanding of how DFF organize merchant information.

What is mernum?

mernum stands for merchant number. It is a unique number which identifies a certain store. For example is merchant number 1950 or mernum=1950 when used in script parameters.
mernum number is a sequential number we have reserved for each unique merchant data feed according to its source. There is a possibility a certain online store may have more than one mernum because we have several of their data feeds. For example, 1-800-FLOWERS exists in both Linkshare and Shopzilla therefore there are two mernums for 1-800-FLOWERS. When there more than one mernum exists for actually just one unique online store there is a possibility of duplicate merchant selection. Please read the section about Managing Duplicate Merchants below.

Merchants Category

Prospect Merchant
What is Prospect merchants? Prospect merchant means DFF have relationship with the merchant through Affiliate Network but the Merchant has not give DFF an authorization to display its logo, products at Will the Affiliates get paid if there is a sales though the Prospect merchant? Yes. As long as the affiliate has relationship with that merchant through the affiliate network, the affiliate will receive the commission.

Shared Commission merchant
If the merchant has given DFF the authorization to display and use their product to be listed at, it's called Shared Commission merchants.
Shared Commission is a way for merchant to participate for free. DFF will be paid by sharing commission with affiliate.

Sponsored Merchant
Sponsored Merchant plan allow any merchant to pay for DFF services therefore eliminating the Shared Commission. Using Sponsored Merchant DFF will not share commission with affiliate. DFF service will be completely free for affiliates.

How do I select only certain merchants to show when using DFF tools?

Since each affiliate have their own list of approved merchants, we allow affiliates to pick exactly which merchant(s) they would like to use with DFF tools. To select and deselect your choice of merchants, you simply login as an affiliate and click on the Merchants tab. Use the search text box and navigation links on the left to find the merchant(s) you would like to control. Use the check box located on the left of each merchant listing, then click on 'Use with DFF Tools' or 'Do Not Use with DFF Tools' button to select / deselect.

Using Affiliate Network Merchant ID (MID) to locate merchant on Affiliate Network site

To make it easier to locate and identify the right merchant on the affiliate network, we have displayed the Affiliate Network appropriate Merchant ID (MID). The MID is displayed on the top right hand corner of each merchant row, right underneath the DFF Merchant # (memnum).

This MID is proprietary to each affiliate network. Usually the easiest way to locate a merchant on the affiliate network is to search by keyword, however if you do not find the right merchant using merchant name keyword search you may want to use Advanced Search using MID.

Managing Duplicate Merchants

As DFF grows and accumulate more merchant data feeds from different sources, we encountered many duplicate data feed from different affiliate network / program for the same exact online store. These overlap are called duplicate merchants. Actually they are not a concern for you (affiliate) unless you have selected both duplicate mernum for the same store, then it becomes a problem as more than one merchant listing will show in the PPC (product price comparison) tool.

To manage this merchant duplicate problem, we have created a tool to list your detected or known merchant duplicates. This tools is located at Affiliate Control Panel > Merchants Tab > Duplicate List. Click here to go directly to your Duplicate List (affiliate login required).

Click here to learn more about Managing Merchant Duplicate.

Selecting / Deselecting ALL Merchants

Since there are thousands of merchants on DFF's merchant list, we have provided a tool to SELECT ALL or DESELECT ALL to save affiliates' time.
The link to select or deselect all merchants can be found on the left navigation bar of the Merchants Tab, towards the bottom of the list.
Click here to go to your Select ALL / Deselect ALL Merchants tool.
WARNING: Please use the select / deselect all tool carefully as it will overwrite whatever merchant selection you currently have.

Downloading Merchant List

It may be useful for you to download your list of SELECTED merchants as you may need this list while developing your site. DFF provide 3 file formats (XLS, TAB and PHP array) you can download (require affiliate login). Click here to learn more about Merchant List Download.

XML / JSON real-time Merchant List Query

DFF also provide a good Merchant List search engine tool against your selected list of merchants.
Click here to learn more about XML Merchant List or JSON Merchant List.
Click here to learn more about XML Merchant Info or JSON Merchant Info.

Merchant Menu Script

If you do not need to organize your merchant list by category, you can also use:
  1. Merchant Menu - Example Wizard available using Javascript, PHP, ASP

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