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Requirement or Pre-requisites before using DFF

Although DFF service is FREE, there are several steps that you need to take before using our service.

For AFFILIATES, the steps are as follows:

1. You have to have your own website
2. You have to sign-up with at least one affiliate networks and get your affiliate IDs
3. Apply for advertisement programs/campaigns from each merchant you are interested in to display their products at each affiliate network
4. Sign-up and join DFF as an affiliate to get your DFF's affiliate ID.
5. Choose and sign-up for the merchants that have products which best match the theme of your website. Here is the list of Merchants who participated with DFF
6. Start using DFF scripts and web services
7. Tell others about DFF

1. You have to have your own website
You have to have a working website. Once you have your own website, you can can use DFF's HTML Code inside your HTML, PHP, JSP, ASP or web page source codes.

2. You have to sign-up with all affiliate networks to get your affiliate ID
In order to get your affiliate ID, you need to sign up with the affiliate networks. There are several affiliate networks out there, for example: Commission Junction, LinkShare, LinkConnector, Shareasale, Performics, and other independent affiliate network, like BettyMills, Amazon, eBay publisher, Shopzilla publisher.

Where to sign up for affiliate networks? Follow this link:
Commission Junction
eBay + Half Affiliate Program

Once you sign up with each affiliate network, you will get Affiliate ID. What is affiliate ID? Affiliate ID or account number is a number or combination letter and number that used to differentiate your account from every other member's account. Commission Junction called it CID (Company ID), ShareaSale called it User ID, LinkShare called it Affiliate ID, LinkConnector called it account number. Although each affiliate networks named it differently, it's still Affiliate ID. Your affiliate ID is needed to keep track of the lead/ sale that generates from your website. How to use/ where to insert your Affiliate ID in DFF's script? Check this page

3. Apply for advertisement programs/campaigns from each merchant you are interested in to display their products at each Affiliate Network
Once you are approved and received your affiliate ID, you can start applying the programs/ campaigns that you are interested in from its affiliate networks. You need to be approved by each merchant to display their products. Please note, that each merchant has its own criteria to accept any affiliates that want to join its program. It is beyond our control if they choose not to approve you in their program. You can, however, contact the affiliate manager directly to request a re-evaluation if rejected. The affiliate manager's contact information are usually listed in their campaign/ program page.

4. Join DFF to get your DFF affiliate ID
To sign-up and join DFF as an affiliate, you have to read and agree with DFF's Terms and Conditions. Then use this Affiliate Sign-Up Form to apply online.. Once approved, DFF will send you an email confirmation. If you do not receive any email from us within 72 hours, it is probably because our email has been blocked by your spam filter or our email has been put into the Spam folder. Try to look for our email there. If you still can not find it, contact us here

5. Choose or Select merchants at DFF
Please login as DFF affiliate and go to the Merchants Tab, Click Here to see the list of Merchants who participated with DFF. This list also has the categories and number of products for each merchant. Please note, you have to apply to each merchant program once again in DFF even though you are already approved for that merchant at the affiliate networks.
How to choose merchants to use with DFF tools? This page will give you in-depth information how to choose merchants to use with DFF tools.
You may ask why do I have to select the merchants again at DFF? You have to let us know which merchant products to display while using our tools. We have no access to your affiliate network account, therefore we do not know which merchant(s) you have selected and been approved for.

6. Start using DFF scripts and Web Services
We have many different types of technology and programming language support. We recommend for you to visit our Official Example Site, Sample / Demo Wiki and Open Source Code Repository to evaluate all DFF tools, scripts and web services offering before making your decision.
DFF's goal is to help affiliate create price comparison shopping web site or shopping portals. DFF caters to all level of programming skills. For novice we recommend Javascripts, PHP or any dynamic scripting language shopping tools. For advanced programmers we recommend using DFF's Instant Website which utilize our API, or you can create your web site from scratch using our web services via REST queries using XML and JSON.

7. Tell others about DFF
DFF is a project where its success depends on collaboration between DFF programmers + staffs, Affiliates and Merchants. As you all may already know, a good price comparison site or shopping portal demands a large product database and thousands of merchants to participate. We would like to ask all affiliates and merchants who uses DFF to help spread the word about DFF shopping tools, scripts and web services to increase our affiliate base and merchant base to make this project stronger.

Note: If you have multiple web-sites, please read this document: DFFAffiliateMultipleWebsite

For MERCHANTS, the requirements are as follows:

1. Have product feed.
2. Registered in any Affiliates Networks.
3. Sign up as a merchant at DFF

Have product feed
You have to have your product feed in order to use our service and to get your products listed at DFF. DFF only gathers data feed files from hundreds of Online Stores (merchants), we categorize and process the data together to create a usable and searchable database. We do not create merchant's product data feed.

Join in any Affiliate Networks
Each merchant has to be in any affiliate networks or have their own in-house affiliate network (eg. Amazon,, Shopzilla). The reason is because DFF does not issue payment and do not track all sale/ lead, so all the tracking and payment are monitored and issued by the affiliate network.

Sign up as a Merchant at DFF
There is no set up fee for any merchants that want to participate at However we reserve the right to use the Shared Commission Click-through when displaying any merchant who does not pay DFF directly for this service. This method is called the Shared Commission Plan.

If you do not want your product links or click-through being replaced using the Shared Commission plan you can compensate a small monthly service fee. The amount of monthly service fee depends on the number of products contained inside the merchant's data feed file. Using this plan would promote larger affiliate recruitment and allow your affiliates to earn more money. This method is called the Sponsored Merchant Plan.

Where to sign up as a merchant? Follow this link

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