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When DFF fails to match a merchant product against DFF Product SKU database, the merchant will still be included in the DFF product database as an Individual Merchant Product. Individual Merchant Product is not comparable against multiple sellers. Individual Merchant Products are uniquely identified via merchant number (mernum) + mersku (merchant's own SKU).

Merchant Product are identified by PRDTID or MerNum + MerSKU
When using DFF scripts and web services, we often refer to a single merchant product by prdtid or combination of mernum + mersku.

DFF Merchant Products Characteristics

  1. Unique DFF Product ID will be assigned for each unique merchant product.
  2. DFF Product ID (prdtid) changes about every 24 - 48 hours (every data feed refresh).
  3. DFF Product ID should not be used to point to a particular product consistently, use mernum + mersku instead.
  4. mernum + mersku is a more consistent way to point to a particular product, however it is still not 100% safe, because there is no guarantee when a merchant / store may remove that particular product from their data feed file in the future. Example: if you have a Merchant Product Banner pointing to a particular Individual Merchant Product using mernum + mersku, there is a possibility in the future that the banner will stop working because the mernum / mersku may not exists anymore.
  5. Each merchant product will always be guaranteed to have a unique DFF Product ID (prdtid) and mernum + mersku. Eventhough by all logical reason a mersku should point to a unique product per merchant, this is not always the case. We are constantly surprised by how BAD a merchant data feed quality is. Sometime a merchant may not even have or use SKU to identify a particular product. Makes me wonder how do these merchant even sell products online? But in the case where mersku is not unique, DFF Product ID always have unique numbering.

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