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Why use (DFF) ?

DFF helps affiliates / webmasters integrating price comparison and deal database functionality into their own site quickly and easily.

DFF provides a wide range of data feed file content delivery methods to serve different needs of many different types of affiliate websites and level of programming skills.
Best of all, DFF service is free for both Affiliates and Merchants.

Benefits for Affiliates
* No data feed file download needed
* Automatic data feed updates at least once per day
* No extra server or hardware needed
* DFF scripts and tools are very easy to use
* DFF tools can have a customized look and feel using CSS
* Integrate in less than 5 minutes
* Contextual Matching & Rotating Product Banners
* Full featured Price Comparison Search Engine
* Shop using Rebates and Coupons
* Shop by Store, Brand and Category
* Most Popular Products for each category
* Most Popular Search Keywords

Benefits for Merchants
* Upload only one data feed file
* Recruit and serve thousands of affiliates
* Make your data feed file updates immediately usable
* Attract and recruit more affiliates
* Increase conversion and sales
* Detailed reporting

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