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Target URL usage and explanation

Explanation of how to use Target URL for PSE and PPC

What is DFF Target URL?

Target URL is a destination page where either a PSE (price search engine)/ PPC (product price comparison) script reside to continue displaying relevant shopping information. Target URL can be an HTML / PHP page on your own server which contains DFF's script inside it. This target page will accept some query string parameter from previous page to be used with the PSE / PPC include script.

Why we need Target URL?

Target URL page is needed because sometime we must separate shopping functionality between two or more pages.

For example, if you have a Search Bar that you have generated yourself (an HTML form) it must to an HTML POST/GET to a different page (Target URL page) to perform the actual search.

Another example, if you have a Rebate/Coupon/Deal script, when a shopper click on the Compare Price button there, it must go to a PPC (product price comparison) target URL to display the list of merchants selling that particular product.
Thirdly, Target URL is needed to provide flexibility to perform a search or show DFF SKU products individualy just by simply passing HTML GET / POST query string parameters.

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