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XML Search Query

Combining your own scripting technology with XML search queries is the most flexible way to implement the search engine. You will have full control over the appearance of your page. It is also a lot less likely for robots categorize your page as duplicate content. However, the XML search query method takes a lot more work on your part. Because there is no way for to ensure the replacement of clickthroughs, the XML search engine will only serve products from sponsored merchants.

XML Server Access Token

You must obtain an XML server access token for your server before your server can submit queries to our XML search engine. You can obtain an XML server access token by logging into your affiliate account and going to the XML Access Manager subtab under the Settings tab. You can only have one XML server access token per affiliate account (therefore, only one web server can make XML queries per affiliate account).

To make a query against our XML search engine, simply submit a GET request to the following address: 

You need to replace 1001 with your affiliate id and ODNmN2QwYmM2Yjc2NDBhZGZjNDI2ZT with your XML server access token. The query above will return the first twenty products from the pool of all the products you have been authorized to display.

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