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PHP CSS Search Engine

  1. Setting CSS Search Defaults
  2. Formatting CSS Search Result
  3. Formatting CSS Product Page
  4. Page Mode Toggler

The CSS search engine generates output in DIVs and SPANs with class and id hooks but no formatting information. The affiliate specifies the display format using custom or premade Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Please note that the CSS search engine script can generate three different types of output: search result, search tips, and product price comparison. The affiliate should include formatting information for all three types of potential output for a page using the CSS serach engine.

In its simplest form:
<?php include('
dffget_affid=1001&'.$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']); ?>

The dffget_affid=1001 tells the script that your affiliate id number is 1001. You need to replace the 1001 with your affiliate id number.

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