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Quick Start Guide

Interested in join DFF? Wondering how to get started with DFF? Below is the step by step to let you started using DFF:

1. Have your own website.
2. Sign up with affiliate networks (there are several affiliates network, eg: Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareaSale, Linkconnector, etc)
3. Join campaigns/ merchants that listed in the affiliate networks. Please note that each merchant has its own criteria in approving affiliates to join its program.
4. Sign up and join DFF as an affiliate. If your account is approved, you will get your affiliate ID number.
5. Choose and sign up for merchants that matched with your website theme. Although there are several DFF merchants choose to auto approve the affiliates, there are other merchants that choose to manually approve the merchant. It is beyond DFF control if the merchant decided not to approve you into their program.

For more information how to get started with DFF, check this page

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