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The History of DFF

It started in January 2005, when our first project, was launched with only a handful of merchants using datafeed files from Linkshare and CJ. With 5 other dedicated partners we have worked tirelessly to create the first price comparison shopping engine based on the affiliate industry. By the end of 2005 we have surpassed our goal of 1000+ merchants integration, 20 million merchant products and 1.5+ million normalized products. is only our first step.

In February 2006, we began development of our second step, The goal of DFF is to distribute the usage of our price comparison shopping tool and start creating a community of price comparison web site owners with a common goal. By the end of March 2006 DFF was released as alpha, then beta in June 2006 and launched on July 15, 2006. has performed most of the initial setup, routine daily chores and painful programming integration steps necessary in order to use data feed files from hundreds of merchants.'s mission is to make price comparison shopping integration process as easy as possible for all levels of web mastering skills. Most of our tools only require basic understanding of HTML and require only 1 line of HTML/JavaScript code to install.
More advanced tools such as XML data delivery and using the XML output into dynamic websites using PHP / JSP / ASP are available complete with examples.'s technology is a refreshing new tool allowing more impact from affiliates and will help our affiliate industry grow stronger. Though DFF is not the first affiliate tool provider in the industry, but we believe we are the best and most advanced. Many who have followed our progress since July 2006 have experienced what type of speed and progress they can expect from DFF team. We have created many industry's first such as:

The First SEO Friendly tool
The First PHP Remote Execution
The First True Price Comparison Tool for affiliates
The First Advertisement Banner Rotator (multi sizes, merchants & networks)
The First Aggregated DataFeed File download
The First Multi Country Affiliate Tool (US and UK)
The First Page Title generation Tool
The First DOCTYPE, W3 and XHTML compliant tool

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