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Basic Concepts of DFF

DFF is not an affiliate network. DFF provides shopping tools and banners for affiliates to use on their website. DFF simply provides a simple script to use inside your HTML, PHP, JSP, ASP or web page source codes.

DFF has received authorization from our all participating affiliate networks to provide this service, but all sales and leads are tracked by the appropriate affiliate network. Therefore, DFF will not issue any payment to affiliates.

Please note that DFF provide services towards affiliates is free of charge. However, depending on the merchant, we may substitute the 4th click-through with our own affiliate site ID (Shared Commission plan). Affiliates must be approved by both the affiliate network and every merchant program within their affiliate network to use our services.

Price Comparison Web Services
We provide web services to deliver Price Comparison Shopping functionality for your web site.
Integrating Price Comparison functionality is complex, therefore our tools are organized into many different components according to their functionality.

Deal Database Web Services
We provide web service to deliver Deal Database information, such as listing of Rebate, Coupons, Freebies, Free shipping, etc...

Methods of Deliveries
DFF support many different levels of expertise from NOVICE all the way to ADVANCED developers.
For novice, we recommend using Javascript (JS) or any scripting language which can download content from a URL such as PHP, ASP, Ruby, etc.
For expert, we recommend JSON or XML. Both are raw data delivery, which allow the developer to have full control of web site layout and design.
Not enough time? Need faster development? Use DFF's Instant Web Site! Download Full Web Site Source Codes and simply make your changes.

DFF is not a place to get RAW data feed files
Despite our web site name (, DFF actually do not offer download services for raw merchants / online stores product data feed files. DFF's do have thousands of merchants data feed files, in fact we download and process them daily. Then why don't we offer just a plain download service? Well because there is simply no value in that. You can download raw product data feed files directly from merchants or their affiliate networks.

If you are looking for product data feed to download and import into your own database for the purpose of creating your own price comparison shopping site, please read this article about my advice about creating your own price comparison site from scratch.

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