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DFF Token is a long alpha-numeric string used as a key to access certain DFF web services.
For security purpose (prevent other unauthorized person) to use your DFF Affiliate ID, we require our raw data web services to use DFF Token.
Most JSON and XML web services requires DFF Token.

How to get DFF Token

First you have to become a member of DFF as an affiliate.
Then once you are logged in as an affiliate, you can go to the following page:

Affiliate Control Panel > Settings > DFF Token -or-

Press the 'Re-Generate Token' button, then press 'Update IP Address + Token' button.

How to reset DFF Token

For even better security, you may want to reset your DFF Token every few months.
To reset your DFF Token, you simply go to the same page as the link above and repeat the steps again.

Using and Storing your DFF Token

It is best to store your DFF Token in a sharable include file (single location) where many of your dynamic scripting pages (PHP/ASP) may include that file which contains the DFF Token variable. This method will allow you to globally update the DFF Token without changing individual files wherever DFF Token and where DFF web services is being used.

For example, we frequently create a configuration file for any web site project we made called: config.php. Inside config.php we have a variable call DFF_Token.

a sample of the content of config.php looks something like this:
$DFF_Token = '...asldfjasldfjaskfjl...';

You can then use include or require_once on any page which requires this DFF_Token variable.

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