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How To List Your Store's Products on DFF

  1. Part of DFF supported Affiliate Network / Program
    Your online store must be a part of one of DFF supported Affiliate Networks or if you have your own in-house affiliate program.
    If you have your own affiliate program, we require for you to have at least 10,000 affiliates already for DFF to include your store within DFF's independent affiliate program list.
  2. Join DFF as merchant
  3. Product Data Feed File
    DFF require a data feed file to be downloaded and processed daily into our database. Once setup, this should be an automated daily process without any human intervention. It is crucial for your data feed to be very consistent, accurate and have the most amount of information.
  4. Submit Graphical Banners (Login as Merchant > Banners) (optional)
  5. Announce DFF to your affiliates. See sample announcement.
  6. Post DFF link on your affiliate information page. We recommend for you to link back to our Merchant Information Page.

Benefits listing your product on DFF
Since affiliate marketing is CPA (cost per action) / CPS (cost per sale), there is no risk of spending too much money on CPC (cost per click) without any conversion (sale). CPA also eliminate the risk of click fraud and low conversion issues.
Since most affiliate network does not charge extra for having more affiliates signed up to your affiliate program, we recommend every store to distribute their data feed file to as many affiliates as possible for the best mass exposure of your product, therefore translates to more orders.

more List of Merchant Benefits click here.
Merchant Frequently Asked Questions FAQ.

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