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Shopzilla Affiliate Publisher Program

Independent Affiliate Program from Shopzilla using PPC (pay per click) business model

About Shopzilla, When you are signed up and appoved with Shopzilla affiliate network,
they are all inclusive, meaning when you get approved for Shopzilla,
you are approved to ALL the merchant who joined their Shopzilla network.

Shopzilla merchant have the option to have their ads be shown on shopzilla web site only
or shown to both their website and network web site (which includes partners and affiliate) web sites.

Shopzilla Affiliate Networks pays using PPC (pay per click) model instead of commission (CPA) Cost Per Action model.
From what I understand Shopzilla Affiliates gets paid about 65% or about 20 cents to 60 cents per click depending of the original CPC click price.

Sign-Up for Shopzilla Affiliate

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