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Retrieving Remote HTML content from DFF Server

For increased security, DFF will now recommend using the function file_get_contents() or cURL instead of include();

Remote inclusion of remote PHP file or any remote file is a security hole in PHP. It has worked well for DFF for almost 3 years because the files affiliates are including from DFF are not malicious. Nevertheless it is not best practice.

Using PHP

Instead of using:

DFF recommends change to:
echo file_get_contents("".$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);

or you can use the cURL library/extension like this:

$ch = curl_init("".$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);
if(($DFF_output = curl_exec($ch))===FALSE) die("Error getting content from DFF"); else echo $DFF_output;

Using ASP

We are not ASP programmers, the following code is untested as of 3/16/2009, if you are testing it and found that it does not work, please let DFF staff know.

set XmlObj = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") "GET", "" & Request.QueryString, false
formatdata = XmlObj.responseText
Set XmlObj = nothing

Using Python

import urllib2

urlStr = ''
    fileHandle = urllib2.urlopen(urlStr)
    DFF_output =
    print DFF_output
except IOError:
    print 'Error getting content from DFF:' % urlStr

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