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- &nw=1 (javascript)
- &dffget_nw=1 (dynamic script include)
- &ml=h (javascript)
- &dffget_ml=h (dynamic script include)
- EXAMPLE: (limit to output only 20 records max)
- &aff_ls=20 (javascript)
- &dffget_aff_ls=20 (dynamic script include)
- &style=1209 (javascript)
- &dffget_style=1209 (dynamic script include)
- Setting bold = 1 will turn regular text to bold, to disable simply do not use this parameter at all.
- &bold=1 (javascript)
- &dffget_bold=1 (dynamic script include)
**picwd** = Product image horizontal width (in pixels) [numeric]
- EXAMPLE: (set product image width to 120 pixels)
- &picwd=120 (javascript)
- &dffget_picwd=1 (dynamic script include)
- EXAMPLE: (set product image height to 100 pixels)
- &picht=100 (javascript)
- &dffget_picht=100 (dynamic script include)
Rebate Coupons Deals Directory Listing shows a list of merchants / stores menu where once clicked will display the list of deals from that particular merchant.
**cols** = Number of columns to use on the menu [numeric]
- EXAMPLE: (set listing to show only 4 columns horizontally)
- &cols=4 (javascript)
- &dffget_cols=4 (dynamic script include)
**rows** = Number of rows to display per page [numeric]
- EXAMPLE: (set listing to show only 20 rows vertically)
- &rows=20 (javascript)
- &dffget_rows=20 (dynamic script include)
**view** = Select directory list display mode, there are three options: list, grid or text. [string]
- EXAMPLE: (use list display mode)
- &views=list (javascript)
- &dffget_views=list (dynamic script include)
**dir** = enable or disable directory functionality [numeric]
- To enable set value to 1, to disable set to 0 or do not specify dir parameter at all.
- EXAMPLE: (enable listing or menu version of deal listing)
- &dir=1 (javascript)
- &dffget_dir=1 (dynamic script include)
- &dff_nw=1
- ...DFF_PPC_SCRIPT...?dff_nw=1
- &dff_ml=h
- ...DFF_PPC_SCRIPT...?dff_ml=h
- &dff_nw=1
- ...DFF_PPC_SCRIPT...?dff_nw=1
- &dff_style=1209
- ...DFF_PSE_SCRIPT...?dff_style=1209
**picwd** = Product image width (in pixels) [numeric]
**cols** =
**view** =
**text** =
**rows** =
**dir** = 1

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