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Rebate Coupons Deals (RCD)

Example : Wizard

Rebate Coupons Deals script is a simple list of our deal database. You can use Javascript or any dynamic scripts to load the HTML content to show on your website. Javascript of course will not give you actual SEO benefits. Please see the actual Rebate Coupons Deals calling codes below:

<script language="javascript" src=""></script>

PHP code:

Parameters you can use for Rebate Coupons Deals

rty = Deal Type - It is optional to specify specific Deal Type you only want to show. The default is to show all types.

mernum = Only show price from this one single merchant / store.

nw = Cause external links to merchants' website open in new window

ml = Hide or do not show merchant / store logo image

aff_ls = Limit of listings / rows to show per page [numeric]

style = DFF Template (Specify a style template #) [numeric]

bold = Make text bold

picwd = Product image horizontal width (in pixels) [numeric]

picht = Product image height (in pixels) [numeric]

Using Directory Listing feature of Rebate Coupons Deals

Rebate Coupons Deals Directory Listing shows a list of merchants / stores menu where once clicked will display the list of deals from that particular merchant.

cols = Number of columns to use on the menu [numeric]

rows = Number of rows to display per page [numeric]

view = Select directory list display mode, there are three options: list, grid or text. [string]

dir = enable or disable directory functionality [numeric]

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