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Price Search Engine (PSE) parameters

PSE Information : Query Testing Tool

PSE parameters are all optional. Specifying parameter will filter the search result. Once filtering has been done, you can also specify sorting parameters to control the order of the search result.

Available PSE Options:

Search Result Filtering Parameters:

keyword = Keyword [alphanumeric search phrase(s)] (Specify an optional default keyword)

catnum = Category # [numeric] (Specify an optional default category)

mfgnum = Manufacturer # [numeric] (Specify an optional default manufacturer)

mernum = Merchant / Store # [numeric] (Specify an optional default store)

pricelow = Minimum price to show [numeric with/without decimal] (Specify an optional Minimum Price)

pricehigh = Maximum price to show [numeric with/without decimal] (Specify an optional Maximum Price)

Behaviour & Styling Parameters:

view = Controls the style of displaying search result items. (only apply to Javascript + dynamic language calling scripts. DOES not apply to XML/JSON).
mr = URL Schema # [numeric] (Specify a mod_rewrite URL schema)

nw = External Links Open New Window [numeric] ( 1 = new window ) if not specified external links will open in existing window.

bar = Hide search bar [alphabet] ( h = hide ) if not specified external links will open in existing window.

sp = Hide search path [alphabet] ( h = hide ) if not specified search path will be shown.

ml = Hide merchant logo image [alphabet] ( h = hide ) if not specified merchant logo will be shown.

style = DFF Template (Specify a style template #) [numeric]

offset = Start search result listing from a certain row number, instead of starting from 1.

limit = Limit search result listing to only show a maximum number of records.

Sorting Parameters

sort = The sort parameter controls how the search result will be ordered.
There are a few sort value options (if sort is not specified it will default to sort by keyword relevance):
  • priceasc = sort by price ascending
  • pricedesc = sort by price descending
  • relevance = sort by keyword relevance (default)
  • prdtrating = sort by product ratings
  • storerating = sort by merchant / store ratings
    EXAMPLE: (sort by price ascending)
    • &dff_sort=priceasc
    • ...DFF_PSE_SCRIPT...?dff_sort=priceasc

  • PSE Data Query Testing Tool
    We have a data query testing tool to help test the affect of the Price Search Engine parameters located at Affiliate Login > Support > Debug > PSE.

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