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**How to Call or Include for Price Search Engine version 2?**


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===Using your own No Image Thumbnail instead of DFF's generic one===
You can change the generic no image thumbnail with your own image.
[[ Click here to learn more about this alternate image feature.]]

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- [[dffPSE2PPCCSSExample Product Price Comparison (PPC) CSS Example]]
**Second part of PSE -> Product Price Comparison PPC**
Price search engine only list products and seldomly PSE will actualy list merchant product which has direct link to external link.
Most of the links from the PSE will go to PPC (Product Price Comparison) which is a second part of PSE (you do not have to change the calling script to DFF).
Because of this transparent linking between PSE and PPC, the same CSS output functionality is also inherited. We have also included the [[dffPSE2PPCCSSExample PPC CSS Example]] on the list above.
- [[dffPSE2PPCCSSExample PPC CSS Example]]

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- [[searchenginephptother2 List CSS Example]]
- [[dffPSE2GridCSSExample Grid CSS Example]]
- [[dffPSE2PPCCSSExample PPC CSS Example]]
- [[searchenginephptother2 List View]]
- [[dffPSE2GridCSSExample Grid View]]

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===Cool things you can do to change layout using PSE CSS v2===
== Turning off the Search Bar ==
You can turn off the seach bar by specifying the following CSS attribute:
%%(css)div#dff_search div#dff_searchbar { display:none; }%%
== Turning off the Searchpath/Breadcrumb Bar ==
You can turn off the seachpath/breadcrumb bar by specifying the following CSS attribute:
%%(css)div#dff_search div#dff_searchpath { display:none; }%%
== Turning off the Sidebar ==
You can turn off the sidebar by specifying the following CSS attribute:
%%(css)div#dff_search div#dff_sidebar { display:none; }%%

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**What is the difference?**
PSE CSS v.2 is produce exactly the same data content as our original PSE version 1.
The only difference is the output format. Instead of output HTML already fully formatted by default or already formatted using DFF Template, version 2 output purely customizable CSS compliant HTML output. Since CSS is cascading, you can override or set any of the CSS elements (DIVs and SPANs) with your own set of CSS styling.
**How to set PSE v2 DIVs and SPANs**
In order to override the IDs and CLASSES of the output of PSE v2 you have to know what are all the available IDs and SPANs you can modify.
If you are a hard core developer you can just examine the output and examine which CSS IDs / Class you would like to change.
To make customization easier we have provided example of CSS style file for each of the different type of display styles (List and Grid view).
See Example CSS for:
- [[searchenginephptother2 List View]]
- [[dffPSE2GridCSSExample Grid View]]
**Toggling between Display Modes**
[[searchenginephpmode2 To toggle between display modes see this page.]]

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