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Price Search Engine (PSE) Advanced Search Tip

Price Search Engine (PSE)

Search Logical Conditions (AND / OR)
multiple words separated by spaces are always treated as AND logical condition.
star wars will search for star AND wars.

to use the OR logical condition, insert the word OR between words.
basketball or baseball bag will search for basketball OR baseball bag.

Matching an Exact Phrase
You can match an exact phrase by enclosing the phrase in double quotes.
"star wars"

Excluding a Word
You can exclude a word by putting a minus sign in front of it.
"star wars" -jedi
Searching by UPC / EAN / ISBN
You can search for a product by entering its UPC (Universal Product Code) as the keyword.

The search engine is not case sensitive.
is the same as
Word Variations
The search engine uses word stemming to search for variations of a keyword or phrase (unless the keyword or phrase is between double quotes).
walking the dog to the theater
will also search for
walk the dogs to the theater
and for
walked the dog theaters

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