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Product Price Comparison (PPC) Parameters

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product_sku = DFF unique product SKU or DFF Corenum

upc = Use UPC to find DFF Product SKU

isbn = Use ISBN to find DFF Product SKU

mernum = Only show price from this one single merchant / store.

user_zipcode = Specify US Zip Code to show estimate of shipping cost along with the merchant list.

ml = Hide or do not show merchant / store logo image

bc = Hide or do not show breadcrumb navigation link

dff_pse_url = Breadcrumb target URL or Price Search Engine target URL

nw = Cause external links to merchants' website open in new window

sort = Sort the list of merchants result by merchant name, price (default), shipping+tax, merchant rating [numeric]

style = DFF Template (Specify a style template #) [numeric]

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