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List of parameters / options for Merchant List tool

Merchant List Information : Example : Live Demo

These parameters applies to JSON and XML merchant list tool.

affid = DFF affiliate ID (required)

keyword = Keyword [alphanumeric search phrase(s)] (Specify an optional default keyword)

cat1num = Category1 # first level category [numeric] (Specify an optional default category)

fl = First letter of merchant name. Specifying this parameter will filter the search result to only show merchants with this first letter.
retcat = retcat stands for return category. retcat controls the option whether to return category array or not.

retdeal = retdeal stands for return deal. retdeal controls the option whether to return deal array or not.

retfl = retfl stands for return first letter. retfl controls the option whether to return first letter array or not.

sort = controls the sort order of all the returned result arrays (sorted, filtered and limited).

limit = number of deals to show per page (make sure you set this parameter first before setting page). if not specified will default to limit = 20.

ret_limited_only = returns only limited search results according to the quantity of limit parameter. By setting this field to 1 or Y will tell the web service not to return the filtered array, but still return stats and limited arrays. Defaults to off (nothing set / blank).

offset = jump to offset record #.... (make sure not to use this at the same time with page)

page = jump to certain page number. If not specified will default to page 1.

compress (only applies to JSON) = turns compression of JSON data on/off, default is 0 = off, set to 1 = on to turn compression on.

Notes about query results: There are potentially 3 different arrays output from merlist web services.
  1. stats
    contains statistics about the search result.

  2. filtered
    contains the actual FULL (all records) search results.

  3. limited
    contains the paged / limited quantity of rows according to the limit parameter.

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