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Getting Merchants / Stores List using JSON

Example : List of parameters : Live Demo

This tool will allow you to query DFF database to obtain a list of merchants that you have selected to be use with DFF tools.
It does not list ALL of DFF's merchants. You have to specify your DFF affiliate ID and it will only output the list of Merchants that your have selected.

Query call URL and Syntax:

There are many ways you can use JSON, it depends on which technology and scripting language you use on your web site. Basically you simply make an HTTP request to the above URL or something similar (since you can add more parameters at the end of the example URL above), once you get the result you should perform a decompress using gzip or zlib algorithm (if you have specified compress option). If no compress was specified you simple perfom JSON decoding to turn the result into native array.

List of Merchant List Parameters / Options
Click here to see the list of options for Merchant List tool

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