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JSON Merchant / Store Information (JSON/XML web service)


The purpose of this web service is to provide Merchant / Store Info in raw data format via JSON (XML also available).
This web service provides different options to control the amount of data returned. By default Merchant Info Web Service will only return the following fields:

Default Merchant Information fields returned:
  1. mername : Merchant / Store Name (alpha numeric) (ALWAYS INCLUDED)
  2. mernum : DFF Merchant / Store Number (numeric) (proprietary to DFF) (ALWAYS INCLUDED)
  3. merurl : Merchant / Store Web Site URL (URL address starting with http://... )
  4. description : Merchant / Store Description (alpha numeric)

The above information are default, meaning always returned even when no special return parameter has been specified. However there are many different options to return more data. See below.

Showing More Merchant / Store Information
Here are the list of additional (optional) parameters to return more information in addition to the Default Information above:

Available parameter options to control additional returned data:

  1. return_stats - Returns Merchant / Store statistics such as Total Products Count, Total Product Categories, Reviews & Ratings Average, Total Number of Reviews & Ratings.
  2. return_categories - Returns list of Categories which merchant / store products have been categories into. Total number of categories are available from the return_stats option above.
  3. return_product_top10 - Returns list of 10 Top (most popular) products from Merchant / Store.
  4. return_deal_newest10 - Return list of 10 most recent / newest deals (rebate,coupon,free shipping,buy x get y,etc...) from Merchant / Store.

How to use the parameters above? Just specify into the HTTP POST variable with the parameter name as the key and value equal to 1. Please see the examples below.

Example How to Enable Returning Statistics Array

Using direct HTTP GET request:

Using direct HTTP POST request:
Submit a HTTP form request via method POST with POST variable mernum=... and return_stats=1 to
Please note that you also have to include your affid= and your dfftoken=_ into the POST variable also.

Using DFF PHP Client API Library
When using the DFF Client Library, you can simply use the available function 'DFF_get_merinfo(... parameters ...)' which is available in the /DFF/include/DFF_mer.func.php file.

Notes about query results: There are potentially 3 different arrays output from merlist web services.
  1. stats
    contains statistics about the search result.

  2. filtered
    contains the actual FULL (all records) search results.

  3. limited
    contains the paged / limited quantity of rows according to the limit parameter.

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