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Menu for Merchants / Stores List

Example : Wizard

How to display Merchants / Stores MENU on your website
There are several ways to display merchant menu:
  1. Using pre-built script using Javascript or Dynamic Scripting language (easiest way):
    Here is the example page using Javascript: Merchant Menu using JS. This same tool is also available for PHP/ASP and any other dynamic scripting language. See the HTML Code Wizard to generate code for other language.

  2. Get your own merchant list array via actual PHP file containing PHP array:
    You have to be logged in to download this file:
    Once you got the merchant list array in PHP you can do whatever you want go generate your own menu.

  3. Using Merchant List search engine + JSON to get merchant list array in real-time:
    By making a request to our Merchant List search engine, you can search by merchant name and filter by other merchant related criteria. We will return JSON merchant list which you will decode into whatever your native language array. Once decoded into array, you can create whatever merchant menu list you like.
    Here is the example page to use JSON merchant list:

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