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Managing Duplicate Merchants

As DFF grows and accumulate more merchant data feeds from different sources, we encountered many duplicate data feed from different affiliate network / program for the same exact online store. These overlap are called duplicate merchants. Actually they are not a concern for you (affiliate) unless you have selected both duplicate mernum for the same store, then it becomes a problem as more than one merchant listing will show in the PPC (product price comparison) tool.

To manage this merchant duplicate problem, we have created a tool to list your detected or known merchant duplicates. This tools is located at Affiliate Control Panel > Merchants Tab > Duplicate List. Click here to go directly to your Duplicate List (affiliate login required).

Duplicate Merchant within Networks

DFF can not have one merchant data feed from multiple affiliate networks. For example, if exists in both Commission Junction (CJ) and Share-a-Sale (SAS), DFF will pick only one of the data feed to use with DFF.

However DFF do allow duplicate data feed from a different payment model. For example, data feed may exists at DFF from Commission Junction (CJ) and Shopzilla Publisher Program. DFF allows this duplicate data feed because Commission Junction (CJ) uses CPA (cost per action) payment model where Shopzilla affiliate program pays CPC (cost per click).

Notifying DFF about Unidentified Duplicate Merchant

DFF uses mostly artificial string fuzzy matching on the merchant name to identify a duplicate merchant. The result will be analyzed by a human being who will finalize the merchants duplicate list. Sometimes we may miss a few merchants. If we do please contact us and let us know so we can identify the duplicated merchant properly.

Learn more about DFF Merchants / Stores Information

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