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JSON stands for Javascript object notation, which is a data delivery method using Javascript data array like syntax designed to deliver data in a brief and compact format over the internet. supports JSON web services similar to XML web service queries.

JSON queries are sent to DFF server via regular HTTP GET request like this: provides the following JSON web services:

  1. Price Search Engine (PSE)
  2. Product Price Comparison (PPC)
  3. Merchant Information (merinfo)
  4. Merchant List (merlist)
  5. HTML Title Suggestions:
    1. title from keyword search
    2. title from most recent keyword searches
    3. title from merchant number + merchant SKU
    4. title from DFF Product SKU
  6. Deals Search Engine (DSE)
  7. Merchant Products: Top # of Products
  8. Merchant Products: Random
  9. Top Searched Keywords
  10. Recent Searched Keywords

How to do Paging or Pagination using XML web services

Since XML web services are meant for short / brief data deliveries with limitation on number of records, you have to use paging/pagination to request more information for paging and multiple web pages on your site. Click on this wiki documentation for XML/JSON paging instructions.

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