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General Price Comparison Shopping Scripts Information

Sometime we need some shopping tool just to provide small piece of information such as providing HTML Page Title, HTML Header Meta-tags, Keywords, etc...
We call these scripts Information Shopping Scripts. These scripts does not usually have any clickthrough or transaction related purpose. Just as the name says these scripts simply provide information.
Information Scripts are usually useful when used for SEO (search engine optimization purposes). Most of the Information Scripts are only usable via Dynamic Scripting Language such as PHP, JSP, ASP and NOT Javascript because Javascript is a client executed language therefore overlooked by the search engines.

Here are the list of DFF shopping information scripts:

  • Category information
    1. download category list in XML, PHP array, TAB delimited

  • Merchants / Stores information
    1. download merchants / stores list in XML, PHP array, TAB delimited
    2. JSON merchants list
    3. XML merchants list

  • Manufacturer information

  • Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
    1. Page Titles
    2. Sub-domain routing / mod_rewrite

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