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How To : Show list of merchants / stores organized by Categories

List of parameters

To list merchants by categories you must use either our XML / JSON (recommended) data delivery method.

See examples using: XML : JSON

Step by Step guide:
  1. Get a list of cat1num using our category list. (How to get category list) cat1num stands for category 1 number. cat1num is DFF's first level category such as Music, Computer Hardware, Home and Garden, etc...
  2. when requesting data using XML / JSON set the cat1num filter to the cat1num number.
  3. make sure you also set your DFF affiliate ID (affid) and DFF token (token) parameters also.
  4. you should receive back either the XML or JSON encoded data back from your HTTP request.
  5. parse the data as necessary and display

To see all parameters / options available for Merchant List query using XML / JSON, click here.

Merchant Menu Script
If you do not need to organize your merchant list by category, you can also use:
  1. Merchant Menu - Example Wizard available using Javascript, PHP, ASP

Downloading Merchant List
You can also download merchant list in XLS, TAB delimited or PHP array file formats.
Click here to see how to download your selected merchant list

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