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DFF Demos and Examples

I believe learning by example is one of the best and fastest way to learn and understand something new.
Therefore we will try to provide as much example followed by the code to product the example and some explanation.

Demos are organized by types of DFF Shopping Tools such as PSE (Price Search Engine), PPC (Product Price Comparison) and DSE (Deal Search Engine).
There are many more supplementary tools such as Store Info, Merchant Info, Manufacturer Info, Merchant Banners, Advertising Banners, SEO tools, etc... (see DFF official example site)

You can also access Demos by technology type, for example PHP (recommended), ASP, JSP, Ruby, etc... (see DFF official example site)

If you have a good example or technique you want to share... please join DFF wiki and edit the appropriate demo section above.

There are 3 separate example web sites for DFF Demos and Examples:

  3. see DFF official example site

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