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Deals Search Engine (DSE) - Search Engine for Bargains, Coupons, Rebates, Freebies, etc...

DSE Example : Wizard : DSE Parameters | DSE JSON/XML Result Explanation : How to use DSE RSS

DSE stands for Deals Search Engine. DSE is different from PSE (Price Search Engine) because it search only against DFF's deals database.
DFF's deal database contains special promotions collected from merchant advertisement, emails, posted offers and several automated coupon or deal data feeds.

DFF deal database contains information like DFF Deal Number, Deal Headline, Deal Description, Deal Type (rebate, coupon, discount, Buy X get Y, etc...), Deal Value, Deal Posted Date, Deal Expiration Date, etc... (see a full list of Deal Database Fields)

Several ways of using and integrating DSE

  1. DFF DSE Instant Site - Deals / Coupon Codes / Rebates / Discount website
  2. Javascript (easiest) - coming soon
  3. Dynamic Scripting Language such as PHP : Live Demo
  4. JSON
  5. XML

Available DSE Parameters & Options

Proper understanding of all DSE parameters is necessary in order to properly pull proper deal data which can be made into a powerful and very useful Deal website.
Click here to see Full List of all DSE Parameters.

CSS Styling Only

HTML output of DSE will always contain CSS tags. Therefore it is important for you to know all the possible CSS IDs and CLASSES. Once you have examine the list of CSS elements for DSE you should locate where it is being used on the web page. We use Firefox along with Firebug to easily inspect and look at CSS element IDs and CLASSES on a page.
Click here to see Full List of all DSE CSS Elements.

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