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There are three types of banners served from
  1. Product Price Comparison Banners (PPCB)
    Displays one product using DFF Product SKU and listing merchants selling that particular product.
  2. Merchant Product Banners (MPB)
    Display a brief product description along with pricing from a particular merchant and merchant SKU.
  3. Adverstisement Banners (ADB)
    Display different sizes of graphical banners added by different merchants.

Product Price Comparison Banners (PPCB)

PPC Banners are very effective when combined together with content within blogs, product review and maybe in social network web pages. It is very easy to include PPC banners, all you have to do is cut-and-paste the javascript include code into any HTML enabled text input area.
Learn how to integration different sizes of PPC banners here.

Merchant Product Banners (MPB)

Merchant product banners are useful when you want to display just one merchant product inside one banner. All you have to do is specify the merchant/store number (mernum) and the merchant SKU (merchant SKU is the unique key or ID which identify a unique product within that particular merchants product database).
Learn how to integration different sizes of Merchant Product Banners here.

Advertisement Banner (ADB)

Advertisement banners are typical image banners. Participating DFF merchants can login into the Merchant Control Panel (MCP) and upload different sizes of banners along with their valid affiliate tracking URL. DFF server will allow affiliates to use these banners while auto-rotating them between page refresh or auto-rotating every certain number of seconds.
Learn how to integration different sizes of Merchant Advertisement Banners here.

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