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How to join DFF as a new Affiliate Network

Affiliate Network is the middle layer 3rd party service provider between Affiliates and Merchants.
DFF provides price comparison shopping functionality against merchants data for affiliates.

Affiliate Networks are responsible for THREE key roles for DFF and our mutual affiliates:
  1. Track + Record referral traffic
  2. Provide good reporting of traffic + commission amounts.
  3. Pay commission towards affiliates

In order for any affiliate network to be able to work with DFF, it must support the following:
  1. Have list of merchants in electronic format with unique MID (merchant IDs) able to be downloaded via FTP or HTTP.
  2. Downloadable data feed files for each merchant or all merchants able to be downloaded via FTP or HTTP.
  3. Data feed file name or content must be able to properly identify which merchant using MID.
  4. Inside each merchant data feed file, we require a tracking URL for each product / services.
  5. Tracking URL must be able to modified easily for substitution of Affiliate ID.
  6. Image / Logo for each Merchants (optional)
  7. Automated Coupon feed (optional)

Adding a new Affiliate Network to DFF requires several days of work, sometime we need to communicate quickly to ask some business or technical question. To make sure development process moves quickly, we need direct contact information for a programmer or technical person who has been given the task to help DFF integrates and also a business development manager who will oversee the whole process.

Programmer contact information:

Direct Tel:

Business Development contact information:

Direct Tel:

If you have any additional question or suggestion about adding new affiliate network to DFF, please submit a Contact Us message.

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