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DFF API List of Functions

DFF API Framework Explanation

"Under Development"

Function NameDescriptionFile location
DFF_merge_array_DFFMLMerge DFFML with DFF result data to final HTML. Read more about DFFML functionality here.DFF_dffml.func.php
DFFDebugEcho / print variables / array content to screen or i/o streamDFF_debug.func.php
DFF_get_featured_prdt_from_PSEReturns array of products by specifying most popular search fields: keyword, category number, merchant number etc.DFF_featured_prdt.func.php
DFF_get_top_random_products_per_categoryReturns array of products by specific category, 'RANDOM' category, or 'ALL' category. Can limit how many product to return per category.DFF_featured_prdt.func.php
DFF_get_merinfoGet merchant information such as merchant / store name, categories, top 10 store products, 10 newest dealsDFF_mer.func.php
DFF_get_merprdt_infoGet Individual Merchant Product from DFF'S PRDTID. Returns merchant product short descript, long description, merchant SKU, price, etc...DFF_mer_prdt.func.php
DFF_create_pagingCreate paging bar or links. This function generate HTML content with customizable CSS elements of page number links along with Next, Previous, First and End page links.DFF_paging.func.php
DFF_get_PSE_pricerange_optionsGenerate HTML code for drop-down selection of price ranges to be used for displaying list of possible Price Search Engine search result 'Filter by Price' refinement.DFF_PSE.func.php
DFF_get_PSE_merchant_optionsGenerate HTML code for drop-down selection of Merchants / Stores names to be used for displaying list of possible Price Search Engine search result 'Shop by Store' refinement.DFF_PSE.func.php
DFF_get_PSE_sort_optionsGenerate HTML code for drop-down selection of Sorting Options that can be used for Price Search Engine search result ordering.DFF_PSE.func.php
DFF_create_rssCreate RSS XML Feed or syndication content from DFF web services data.DFF_PSE.func.php
DFF_get_sku_infoGet a DFF Product SKU's product information such as product name, short description, long description, # of seller, min - max price, etc...DFF_sku.func.php
DFF_create_tag_cloudCreate HTML code and customizable CSS element of a CLOUD of tags (aka Tag Cloud) from list of keywords generated by DFF web services data.DFF_tag.func.php

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