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Deal Script using DFFML + CSS

We have been thinking about providing a middle difficulty and flexibility solution between full PHP integration to full XML integration.

The problem we are trying to solve
We have seen some affiliates use DFF tools with full XML and the mash up looks very original and fresh. However only a very small percentage of affiliates have the knowledge to work with XML + a dynamic scripting language (PHP / ASP). On the other hand the PHP or JS scripts are too limiting, you can only control styling via DFF template system which only allow you to change colors. We need something in between that allow affiliates manipulate layout, design and content without doing programming.

The solution (well at least we think)
We have decided to combine several technologies together ( ML + CSS + JSON ).
  • ML stands for mark-up language, just like HTML, since this ML will be our own proprietary format we will call it DFFML (DFF Mark-up language) from now on. Click here to see what DFFML looks like.

  • CSS is a web standard styling method, it stands for (Cascading Style Sheet), basically it is a set of styling rules which inherits and overrides each other. CSS concept works well because it separates styling and layout from the actual HTML source code. Separating design from data is always the best practice.

  • JSON (javascript object notation) is a way to deliver data in a serialized and compact way across the internet. JSON was designed so that data will be compacted, transfered to its destination and able to be expanded back right away into an array, once expanded at its destination it will be ready to be used in whatever programming language array. JSON was first creating in response to the need for AJAX which is basically Javascript dynamic page loading or content loading from remote location where size and speed does matter.

    Testing it on our Deal, Rebate, Coupon data first...

    First we created a new data delivery system against our Deal database to delivery JSON data.
    The remote script will receive the JSON data into array format.
    The remote script will merge the JSON array + DFFML string = YOUR CUSTOM CONTENT with DFF DATA
    CSS can be added into your just generated custom content, but we recommend to implement CSS via <link rel=.... > method instead. (cleaner)
    Look at this new feature here...

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