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Brief description of

We combine data feed files from thousands of merchants into a searchable and normalized database. Then we provide several methods using several different technologies and programming languages (JS, PHP, ASP, JSP, or any dynamic web scripting languages) to retrieve the database content. We provide web services which delivers Price Comparison Shopping functionality via HTML, XML, CSV and many other formats.

Note: We frequently use the abbreviation DFF for short of

DFF is a community project, get involved, teach and help others

DFF is an ongoing project and continually improving. DFF is also a project which depends on the collective efforts of our users to inform, recruit merchants, spread the words to other affiliates and help other affiliates create better web sites. While our developers concentrates on developing features and improving database information quality, you can help DFF by sharing your knowlege and experience integrating DFF on to your web site. Share your notes, your successes and your failures. What to do and not to do. Help others! it is good karma :-).

Open Source Examples Wiki

This wiki ( is for DFF documentation. If you are looking for DFF's open source code examples wiki go to Open Source Code Examples WIKI.

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Table of Content

  1. Getting Started
    1. Quick Start Guide
    2. Requirement or Pre-requisites before using DFF
    3. Basic Concepts
    4. History of DFF
    5. Why use DFF?
    6. Choosing Hosting Companies or Web Servers to use with DFF

  2. Demos and Examples
    1. Sample / Demo site with Source Code
    2. Price Search Engine (PSE)
      1. Search by Keyword
      2. Search by Merchant / Store
      3. Search by Manufacturer / Brand
      4. Search by Category
    3. Price Search Engine using CSS elements (PSE CSS) also know as PSE v.2
    4. Product Price Comparison (PPC)
    5. Rebate / Coupons / Deals
    6. Deals Search Engine (DSE - Bargains, Coupons, Rebates, Freebies, etc...)
      1. How to make your own DSE RSS Feed
    7. Banners
      1. Product Price Comparison Banners (DFF SKU)
      2. Merchant Product Banners (Mernum + Mersku)
      3. Advertising banners contributed by Merchants
    8. Menus
      1. Categories menu
      2. Merchants menu (list of stores)
      3. Rebates/Coupons/Deals Menu
    9. Information
      1. Category information
        1. download category list in XML, PHP array, TAB delimited
      2. Merchants / Stores information
        1. download merchants / stores list in XML, PHP array, TAB delimited
        2. Merchants / Stores List (can be used for building store menu or custom merchant list) with XML and JSON
        3. Merchants / Stores Info (returns store name, statistics, URL, logo, etc...) with XML and JSON
        4. Merchant Top & Random Products (returns most popular products per merchant) with XML and JSON
      3. Manufacturer Information
      4. Statistic Information
        1. Searched Keywords List (most popular searches & most recent searches)
      5. Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
        1. Page Titles
        2. Page Titles via XML
        3. Sub-domain routing / mod_rewrite
    10. Affiliate sites using DFF web services and tools

  3. OPEN SOURCE CODE Examples Wiki

  4. How to use DFF web services
    1. Basic concepts of using DFF web services
    2. Which technology or language to use?
    3. Web Services Functions
    4. Reporting and Logging
    5. Getting help and support
      1. Help from other affiliates
      2. Use Knowledge Base
      3. Submit support request ticket

  5. DFF Framework API
    1. Download (Latest Stable Release | Changes Log) (Previous Releases)
    2. Framework API Basic structure and explanation
    3. How to upgrade to newer DFF Framework API
    4. DFFML - DataFeedFile Mark-Up Language
    5. Main Configuration File - DFF_config.php
    6. DFF Client Libraries in different languages:
      1. DFF PHP Client Library
      2. ... other scripting language scheduled for future development ...
    7. API Classes and Objects list
    8. API Functions list

  6. DFF Products Database Explanation
    1. What is DFF Product SKU or corenum?
    2. What is DFF merchant product or merchant prdtid?
    3. Product SKU data feed download

  7. JS - Javascript - what is Javascript?

  1. PHP Hypertext Preprocessor - what is PHP?

  2. ASP - Active Server Pages - what is ASP?

  3. JSP - Java Server Pages - what is JSP?

  4. Ruby on Rails - what is Ruby on Rails?

  5. Python - what is Python?

  6. XML - Extensible Markup Language - what is XML? (data only - works with any language)

  7. JSON (Javascript Object Notation) - what is JSON? (data only - works with most language)

  8. Sandbox - new features testing area from both DFF developers and Affiliates

  9. How To - step by step guide how to do certain price comparison shopping feature
    1. Use your own customized no image file
    2. Show list of merchants organized by categories

  10. Online Merchants or Stores on DFF
    1. How to list your store' products on DFF database for DFF affiliates?
    2. Merchants Benefits
    3. Merchants FAQ

  11. Affiliate Networks
    1. How to participate as a new affiliate network on DFF?

  12. Independent Affiliate Program
    1. How to participate as a new Independent affiliate network on DFF?

  13. PPC Publisher Program
    1. Shopzilla PPC Affiliate Publisher Program

  14. Third party resources
    1. Third party DFF tools

Old Documentation

  1. Search Engine
    1. Javascript Search Engine
      1. Setting Search Defaults
      2. Other Options
    2. PHP Search Engine
      1. Setting Search Defaults
      2. Other Options
    3. PHP CSS Search Engine
      1. Setting CSS Search Defaults
      2. Formatting CSS Search Result
      3. Formatting CSS Product Page
      4. Page Mode Toggler
    4. XML Search Query
      1. Search Query Parameters
      2. Search Query Results
    5. Mod_rewrite & URL Schema
      1. mod_rewrite example step by step
      2. mod_rewrite URL Schema explanation
      3. Using mod_rewrite + URL Schemas with Search Engine

  2. Page Titles
    1. Search Engine Page Title
    2. DFF Product Page Title
    3. Merchant Product Page Title
    4. Target URL usage and explanation

DFF Updates for 2008 Hurricane IKE Aftermath in Houston

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