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** This technique applies to all our image deliveries such as Products with SKU, Merchant Products and Merchant Logos **

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====How to use your own customized No Image File====
Sometimes it is neccessary to be able to customize your web site so that you will not show the generic NO IMAGE picture that we deliver for missing product images.
Example usage would be to display your web site logo instead.
There are a couple ways of subtituting for your own Alternate No Image Picture:
1) Adding &alt GET variable behind the image URL. (easy)
1) Detecting broken image from your own script and delivering your own image. (difficult)
===Adding &alt GET variable behind current image URL===
We have created support for alternate image to be displayed only if the real image is not found.
Here is how you use it:
For product with SKU:
note the &alt= GET variable behind the URL above
similarly for product without SKU (using mernum + mersku + prdtid):
===Detecting Broken Image and Delivering your own===
===How to use your own customized No Image File===

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