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Since DFF provides price comparison shopping functionality via web services and simple Javascript include scripts or Dynamic Scripting Language remote include calls, having a good database of product is one of our key strength. DFF product database has been developed and maintained since 2005 when the original founders started with a price comparison start-up project called,

As with any good price comparison shopping web site, there need to be a consistent way to identify UNIQUE PRODUCT (DFF Product SKU), which will allow routine matching against merchant products from merchants data feed files. These uniquely identified products database maintained internally by DFF staffs are internally managed at this time. In the future we may allow affiliates / publishers to help improve this product via a wiki like platform. Anything product from merchants that DFF servers are not able to match against any other unique products are called Individual Merchant Products or also known as just Merchant Products. These products may not be consistent as merchant may remove and/or change the merchant SKU of these products at any time.

What does DFF do routinely with Data Feed Files from merchants

Everyday (about every 24 - 48 hours) DFF servers goes the cycle of downloading data feed files from all direct feed merchants, affiliate networks data feeds and deals (coupon code, rebate, deal) database. There are now several thousand files DFF download everyday. All downloaded data feed files will be imported into our database. During this import process we will analyze, match and normalize the data preparing each product to create a database designed for proper price comparison functionality.

Type of Products

There are just 2 (two) types of DFF products:
  1. DFF Product SKU (corenum or core products)
    DFF Product SKU products are products which have been identified as a single unique product. SKUed products have consistent SKU # and comparable against multiple merchants / stores prices. See section below about DFF Product SKU for more info.
  2. Individual Merchant Products
    Merchant products are products where during the import process was not able to be matched against any SKUed products. Meaning it is not a price comparable product. Therefore DFF does NOT assign a SKU #. Merchant products may change as merchant may remove or change product info.

DFF Product SKU (DFF_product_sku / corenum) also known as coreprdt

DFF Product SKU database is a large database of uniquely identified products which usually have UPC, ISBN or EAN associated with each product. DFF Product SKUs are price comparable meaning there are more than 1 seller (merchant products) matched against each DFF Product SKU.
- Read more about DFF Product SKU here.

Individual Merchant Products (identified by mernum + mersku or merchant prdtid)

Search Results Data difference between DFF Product SKU vs. Merchant Product

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