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DFF_get_featured_prdt_from_PSE() function parameters

part of DFF PHP Client Library

Purpose of function: Returns back PSE (price search engine) type of product search result based on a few simple parameters. The purpose of this function is to simplify the task of getting Featured Products.

$result_array = DFF_get_featured_prdt_from_PSE($catnum = 'RANDOM', $keyword = FALSE, $mernum = FALSE, $sortby = FALSE, $limit = 20);

Parameters explained:
ALL parameters are optional. When this function is called without any parameter, it will select a RANDOM category and returns 20 product results from that random category. Maximum number of record returned is 100 product records.

  1. catnum : category 1 level actual numeric number or the word 'RANDOM' is default. learn more about DFF category
  2. keyword : search keyword / search phrase (default is blank/nothing)
  3. mernum : DFF merchant / store # (default is blank/nothing) learn more about DFF mernum
  4. sortby : Same sort option as PSE, please see PSE sort options here. (default is same as PSE sort by default)
  5. limit : numeric value from 1 - 100 (default is 20 if left blank/nothing)

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