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DFF Web Service : Merchant Products Information Function

JSON web services : XML web services : How to get/set DFF Token


Merchants product information web services will allow you to get merchant product information such as Short Description, Long Description, Price, Availability for a certain merchant product.

Input Parameters

prdtid = unique DFF prdtid number which refers to one unique merchant product. Please note prdtid number changes between DFF data refresh (every 24 - 48 hours) and should not cached,stored or used for a long period of time. Since prdtid is unique for our entire database, there is no need to specify which mernum (DFF merchant number).


mernum + mersku = merchant number + merchant SKU can also be used to get a unique merchant product.

Note: You have to choose between using prdtid or mernum+mersku. If both are specified, prdtid will be used only.

REST Post Call Variables

To use this Merchant Product Information function you simply do a POST to
with the following POST name+value pairs:

affid = DFF Affiliate ID
token = DFF Affiliate Token
subid = Optional sub id (extra tracking ID)
prdtid = (see input parameter section above)
mernum = (see input parameter section above)
mersku = (see input parameter section above)

Web Service Output

Output from DFF web services will be in JSON encoded array format.
Once decoded you can expect to have something similar to the following data (this is just an example data):

Output when using mernum + mersku
    [prdtid] => 4061750532
    [corenum] => 0
    [mernum] => 91293
    [mersku] => 983172480
    [mername] => Office Depot
    [mfgname] => ACER
    [category1] => Computer Hardware
    [category2] => Laptops & Notebooks
    [category3] =>
    [mfgmodel] => LU.S050B.228
    [mfgpartno] => LU.S050B.228
    [upc] =>
    [isbn] =>
    [shortdesc] => Acer Aspire One AOA150-1635 8.9"" Widescreen Netbook Computer, Sapphire Blue
    [longdesc] => Ultralight, ultracompact - weighs less than 2.5 lb! 8.9"" diagonal widescreen CrystalBrite LCD. Wireless-G cable-free networking. 160GB hard drive holds thousands of songs, photos and documents. Intel Atom processor. Memory card reader for fast, easy...
    [meravail] => Y
    [poszip] =>
    [weight] => -0.01
    [shipmin] => -0.01
    [shipmax] => -0.01
    [imgurl] =>
    [condition] => 0
    [taxable] => Y
    [ratingcount] => 0
    [merchantratingcnt] => 0
    [warranty_value] => 0
    [warranty_unit] => Y
    [prdtprice] => 299.99
    [prdturl] =>

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