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DFF Product SKU products are products which have been identified as a single unique product. SKUed products have consistent SKU # and comparable against multiple merchants / stores prices. See section below about DFF Product SKU for more info.

DFF Product SKU are price comparable products. Usually there are more than 1 merchant products matched against a SKUed product. DFF Product SKU have the following characteristics:
  1. DFF SKU # is always numeric.
  2. DFF SKU # is always greater than 99.
  3. DFF SKU # will never repeat.
  4. DFF SKU # will never be reused (even if product has been deleted or discontinued).
  5. DFF SKU # will always return product information regardless of product status (active, discontinued, recalled, etc...)
By design there are actually several different types of Product SKU or core products, eventhough these types are NOT YET used in DFF tools:
  1. Books
  2. Movies
  3. Others (most products falls under this category at this time)
DFF may use these SKU types in the future to better organize data.

Each DFF Product SKU have product information, picture, specifications, category, etc... All of these information are kept internally within DFF product database and can only be modified by DFF staffs at this time. DFF has planned to allow affiliates / publishers to modified and help improved DFF Product SKU database in the future via wiki like functionality.

One of the most time consuming process of creating and maintaining DFF's Product SKU database is properly categorizing products. This is a common complain amongst many affiliates and publishers, along with better product images. All of these issue will be solved in the near future with collaboration editing of core product SKU database.

How do I use DFF Product SKU

Because DFF Product SKUs are price comparable, the most common usage is to pass a DFF Product SKU # to DFF's PPC (product price comparison) script.
Click here to see example of PPC for a particular product.

How do I differentiate between a SKUed product vs Merchant products

You will be faced with this issue when you are analyzing productlist result from DFF's PSE (price search engine) script.
PSE search results return two different types of product records. Usually on the top of the array are always the SKUed products and Merchant products at the bottom.

The easiest way to differentiate between SKUed product vs Merchant products is to check for the corenum array element value.
If the corenum element value is > 99 or more simple corenum value > 0 will also work well, then that particular record is a SKUed product and it is price comparable, which means you can show Compare from # Stores button or your next click-through should go to your PPC page passing along the DFF Product SKU number to the PPC script query string URL.

Downloading DFF's Product SKUs (data feed or database of products with unique UPC / EAN / ISBN)

We have a downloadable product sku data feed for advanced programmers who would like to have their own database of products downloadable via FTP.
See DFF Product SKU data feed export at

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