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PHP Setting to Enable Error Reporting / Display Errors

PHP has two main switch to turn on/off error reporting / display: (1) display_errors setting in php.ini (2) error_reporting() function on php pages.

display_error setting in php.ini
display_errors switch is a global switch to turn on/off all PHP error notification. Valid setting options are on / off. By setting display_errors to off, no php error, warning, or fatal error will be displayed.
In case of a fatal error, a blank page will be displayed with no further information. When this setting is on, php will then check for individual php page error setting which can be set using error_reporting() function. See more information about display_errors setting here.

PHP error_reporting() function
Error reporting function will control the level of detail of error reporting displayed on your php web page. You can also completely turn off all error reporting by entering '0' to error_reporting function. (error_reporting(0)). Please see this PHP function reference page for error_reporting for more info.

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