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How to upgrade to newer version of DFF API Framework

DFF API Framework General Information

Please follow this instruction when upgrading from previous / lower version of DFF API Framework to newer version.

Step by Step

  1. rename your current 'DFF' directory to 'DFF_old'
  2. extract the content of the newer DFF API Framework to the same location where 'DFF' directory was before.
  3. now you should have both 'DFF' and 'DFF_old' directories.
  4. go inside the new 'DFF' folder and rename the 'DFF_config.php' configuration file to 'DFF_config_original.php'
  5. copy your old config file from 'DFF_old' directory to your new 'DFF' directory.
  6. there may be new configuration settings / variables added towards the end of the 'DFF_config_original.php' file, therefore you need to observe the Change Log or analyze the new configuration file to see what new settings / variables have been added.

What will be replaced?

DFF API Framework has been designed to occupy a single directory named 'DFF' usually need to be placed in your DOCUMENT ROOT of your web site.
During the upgrade, you will extract (decompress) the content of the framework ZIP file. Before extracting make sure you back-up or rename you existing 'DFF' directory to keep your original 'DFF_config.php' configuration file and in case you have made code changes to the API framework.

What to back-up before upgrade?

You should always try to backup the whole 'DFF' directory to make sure nothing will be overwritten or lost during upgrade.
Most important file to back-up is the 'DFF_config.php' configuration file, which contains your customized web site values.

How to test to make sure framework API are still working?

DFF API Framework is quite complex. If there is anything wrong with code / configuration file you should notice errors right away.
To test whether an upgrade has been successful or not, I recommend simply loading several DIFFERENT pages on your web site which uses the DFF API Framework.
If you do not see any error messages, you upgrade should be good.

Where to download latest DFF Framework API version?

for latest PHP API: Latest PHP DFF API Framework

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