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DFF Framework API for PHP

Download Latest DFF PHP Framework API : Functions List : Classes List

Goal: The purpose of this PHP framework is to help DFF affiliates to develop and integrate DFF shopping tools and database faster and easier.

Directory Structure

<your document root>
DFF_affiliate_client_API.php (version number indicated inside file)
DFF_config.php (you need to change values in this file)

Files & directories explanation:
Main directory DFF - we recommend to always put the whole framework directory structure in your document root using the same DFF directory name.
Inside DFF directory:

Customizing DFF Framework API files
We release every version of DFF Framework API free for you to make whatever changes you feel necessary. However we recommend not changing any class or function files because we will not be able to properly support your questions as we do not know how our standard has been changed.
Please customize the file DFF_config.php according to your website specifications.

DFF_config.php Explanation
DFF_config.php is the MAIN configuration file for DFF Framework API.
Note: When upgrading, make sure you do not overwrite this file !!! - save it somewhere else (back this up)
Click here to see detailed explanation of each variable in DFF_config.php

How to use DFF Framework API?
We recommend you extract the whole into your document root directory. So that any script will reference DFF framework via relative path such as 'DFF/DFF_config.php' from your root directory.
We will create many examples for DFF affiliates to see how to use this framework, you will see that each example will include its own DFF directory where the framework has already been included. That also shows how we always put the DFF directory into the root document folder.

To get large data sets (arrays) from DFF servers for PSE, PPC, DSE, etc we did not create any function / class wrapper because it is easier and more flexible to set array parameters and pass them to the Main DFF API Client class.

For simpler functionality, quick lookups of information, etc, we will create functions / classes for quick code implementation. Click here to see a list of DFF API Functions and DFF API Classes.

DFF Instant Websites using DFF Framework API
Click here to go to DFF's Open Source Examples wiki.

DFF Framework API Licensing
Please read DFF Framework API Licensing for more information about legal usage and modification information.

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