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==Frequently Asked Question about DFF Framework API==
[[dffFrameworkAPIFAQ Click here to see DFF Framework API FAQs]]

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1) [[ Main Configuration File - DFF_config.php]]
1) DFF Client Libraries in different languages:
1) [[dffAPIClassList API Classes and Objects list]]
1) [[dffAPIFunctionList API Functions list]]
1) DFF Client Libraries:

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==Other DFF Framework API Links==
1) Download ([[ Latest Stable Release]] | Changes Log) (Previous Releases)
1) [[ Framework API Basic structure and explanation]]
1) [[ DFFML - DataFeedFile Mark-Up Language]]
1) DFF Client Libraries:
a) [[DFFClientLibraryPHP DFF PHP Client Library]]
a) ... other scripting language scheduled for future development ...

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