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Home Affiliate FAQ Merchant FAQ Examples Merchants Networks & Programs Forum Blog Wiki Knowledge Base Login Framework API Price Comparison Shopping - PHP Class Library API (DFF) Price Comparison Shopping - PHP Client Library API is a software development kit (SDK) or Application Programming Interface (API) to help any webmaster who would like to create a price comparison shopping site create their web site faster using scripts, tools and web services from DFF. (DFF) is an online web services with large product price comparison database. DFF have thousands of online stores data feeds all processed daily ready for price comparison shopping functionality. Affiliates will have direct relationship with affiliate networks such as (Linkshare, Commission Junction, ShareASale, Google Affiliate Network, Perfomics, ebay, shopzilla, etc). DFF have a total of 37 million products from more than 6000+ merchants. Affiliates will earn both CPS (cost per sale) and CPC (cost per click) from using DFF scripts and web services.

DFF Client Library documentation is available online at

Several Full Web Site DEMOs are also available for download (completely OPEN SOURCE and Creative Common Licensed) from and


Other DFF Framework API Links
  1. Download (Latest Stable Release | Changes Log) (Previous Releases)
  2. Framework API Basic structure and explanation
  3. DFFML - DataFeedFile Mark-Up Language
  4. Main Configuration File - DFF_config.php
  5. DFF Client Libraries in different languages:
    1. DFF PHP Client Library
    2. ... other scripting language scheduled for future development ...
  6. API Classes and Objects list
  7. API Functions list

Frequently Asked Question about DFF Framework API
Click here to see DFF Framework API FAQs

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