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Full List of All Deal Search Engine (DSE) Parameters

DSE Information | DSE JSON/XML result explanation

type = filter the deal search result to certain deal type only.

keyword = filter the deal result by certain keyword

limit = number of deals to show per page (make sure you set this parameter first before setting page). if not specified will default to limit = 20.

offset = jump to offset record #.... (make sure not to use this at the same time with page)

page = jump to certain page number. If not specified will default to page 1.

group_by = controls the grouping of deal search result.

category_name = set to certain category name, enter the full first level DFF category name such as 'Computer Hardware'. Make sure you URL encode the category name before placing it on the URL query string, for example 'Computer Hardware' should become URL Encoded to 'Computer+Hardware'.

mernum = filter deal search result to only show certain merchant / store deal

posted_date = show only deals posted / created on this date. Use MM/DD/YYYY format. make sure you encode / to %2F.

posted_last_n_days = show only last N number of days' deals

expire_last_n_days = show only deals expiring in N day(s).

dealnum = show only this ONE deal number

affid = you DFF affiliate ID

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