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Do not recreate the wheel trying to create your own coupon codes, rebates, deals shopping script. Do not buy coupon codes, rebates, deals shopping scripts where you still have to process thousands of merchants data feed files yourself. Just use DFF's fully ready instant coupon codes, rebates, deals shopping web site your site will be up and running in a few hours. DFF uses PHP (the most popular web scripting language), you do not need any database and a cheap $6 - $10 hosting account is good enough. Best of all DFF coupon codes, rebates, deals shopping script is completely FREE and Open Source Customizable!

DFF provides web services and database to create coupon codes, rebates, deals shopping web site rapidly. Using this fully working PHP coupon codes, rebates, deals shopping script you simply download the source code zipped file and extract the PHP scripts, images, default CSS styles into your PHP web server, then all you have to do is make changes and sign-up for free as an affiliate with You will earn CPS (cost per sale) commission and/or CPC (cost per click).

DFF provides free online technical support via support ticket submission from our web site at Most ticket answered within 24 hours.




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