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Using Deal Search Engine with Dynamic Script Include Call


Here the calling script example in PHP:



Click here to get Full list of DSE parameters.

The above example uses PHP to perform an include call to get HTML output content. If you do not use PHP you can use other language or even any HTTP downloaded to get the HTML content, then all you have to do is output the HTML content to the client browser.

Note: All DSE outputs are CSS styling compatible only. Please see the list of all possible DSE CSS IDs and CLASSES here. DFF no longer support simple styling solution such as DFF Template using &style parameter because they are not flexible and difficult to work with. Most of DFF new shopping tools will utilize CSS styling customization.

Customizing CSS Layout and Design
Since the output of dynamic scripting DSE is fully CSS. You can inspect (I recommend using Firebug) to inspect and figure out which CSS IDs / Classes you need to change.
For you convenience, we also include the list of all DSE CSS IDs and CLASSES.

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