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[[ DFFML Functions]]
==Using any PHP Global variables==
Instead of only using variables within the main inputted parent array, you can actually access any PHP variable as long as they are global / public.
To use any PHP global variable within DFFML placeholder simply add PHP{...fieldname...} before and after the field(s)names.
For example: <|DFF|PHP{myPublicVariable}|>
You can also access any PHP Global / Public array by using **=>** separator between the fieldname(s) / sub-array(s).
For example: <|DFF|PHP{myPubicArray=>subarray1=>subarray2}|>
==Evaluate any expression within DFFML==
Sometime you need to calculate or return a certain PHP expression within DFFML. For this reason we provided the capability to perform PHP Eval function within DFFML.
The syntax is: <|DFF|PHPEVAL{....php expression...}|>
Please note since your eval expression will be executed within a local function, you must use $GLOBALS[...][][] to access any global/public variable.
Example to increase the value of $i :
%%(php)<|DFF|PHPEVAL{$GLOBALS[i]++;}|>%% (don't forget the **;**)
Example to execute expression and return the value:
%%(php)<|DFF|PHPEVAL{return $GLOBALS[i]++;}|>%% (you must use return to return value back to DFFML output)

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Since DFF shopping functionality always list and displays a lot of data. We need to have a way to display ROWS of array data using the same set of HTML codes. DFFML supports looping through a subset of DFFML to list rows or columns of data. The Rows Looping functionality require different Placeholder Starter (<|DFF|ROWS=) and Placeholder Ending (|END|>). Any DFF placeholder(s) inside the ROWS Looping will always points to the child of the fieldname array specified at the started <|DFF|ROWS=____. For example, lets say you have an array of the following structures:
[0] = 'name'=>'level3-0'
[1] = 'name'=>'level3-1'
[2] = 'name'=>'level3-2'

To loop and display contents of array[Level1][Level2][name] you have to use the following DFFML codes:
Content of level 3 is: <|DFF|name|>


This will generate the following output:
Content of level 3 is: level3-0
Content of level 3 is: level3-1
Content of level 3 is: level3-2
<|DFF|function(funcparam~funcparam...~funcparam )^fieldname=>subarray=>subarray|param~param...~param|>
Since there may be

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