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require_once $DFF_config['dir_include'].'DFF_affiliate_client_API.php';
require_once $DFF_config['dir_include'].'DFF_affiliate_client_API-1.0.0.php';

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==JSON Support for PHP 4.x==
JSON decode and encode functionality is not available in PHP 4.x but required by DFF Framework API.
DFF Client Library for PHP should automatically detect, include and use additional PHP include file called JSON.php which will add the JSON encode and decode functionality.
JSON was added natively to PHP 5.x. For those users still using PHP 4.x please read the link below regarding adding support for PHP 4.x.
[[DFFJSONphp4HowTo How to add JSON encode & decode functionality to PHP 4.x]]

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This will load your DFF affiliate ID (affid),DFF Token and default [[DFFSubID SubID]] into the new object.
This will load your DFF affiliate ID (affid),DFF Token and default SubID into the new object.

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<|DFF|stats=>count|> deals found  showing: <|DFF|stats=>rec_start|> to <|DFF|stats=>rec_end|>
<|DFF|stats=>count|> deals found  showing: <|DFF|stats=>rec_start|> to <|DFF|stats=>rec_end|>

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